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bigger than both of us

The Avondale Collaboration emerged out of a collaborative placemaking project, “The Pomegranate” in 2017.

The Pomegranate brought together Avondale Community Action, Community Waitakere and the Community Empowerment Unit.  This evolved into a hub and recreation centre on the old 3 Guys site led by Neighbourhood Team Policing with the many others.

The pop-up hub was put on hold in Oct 2017 when the site was purchased by Eke Panuku Developments, but those involved continued to meet and over time came to be known as the Avondale Collaboration.

The collaboration delivered the Stand-Up Avondale event in May 2018.  

In the second half of 2018, the Collaboration supported Avondale Visioning workshops, which brought people together to further collaborate and build more meaningful networks.

A Steering Group was formed to ensure resilience; to convene meetings; and to do background support work.

Along with Community Waitakere, the Steering Group formalised the collaboration through drafting a vision, mission, purpose, values and strategic priorities, which were presented to the wider collaboration group for review.

Towards the end of 2019, administration management shifted to steering group members, Mel Yalomatua and Mandy Siita, with Community Waitakere moving into a fund holder role.


Strategic Priority

  1. To convene a regular face-to-face networking opportunity

  2. To explore the need, and potentially facilitate, a few key collaboratively run events each year

  3. To support and facilitate the sharing of information, opportunities to collaborate, and resources

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