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The Avondale Collaboration is an informal networking and collaboration group.

Its current steering group members are:

  • Melissa Yalomatua, Encounter Church - Administrator

  • Mandy Siita, Life Church - Treasurer

  • Anne Misi, Resident

  • Cynthia Crosse, Avondale Business Association

  • David Coon, Resident

  • Desmond Leota, Resident

  • Jamie Siita, Life Church

  • Sharlene Ferguson, Resident


Admin support is provided by Melissa Yalomatua and Mandy Siita and is funded by the Whau Local Board with Community Waitakere as the fund holder.


The Steering group has a kaupapa of making decisions by consensus and facilitation is shared.

Size & Process for Joining

The minimum size of the steering group is five and maximum 15.  Anyone interested in joining should contact the administrator.  Upon a new member joining, the new member shall sign an agreement to uphold the values of the group and adhere to its rules.



The Steering Group seeks to be composed of those:

  • Who represent different segments of the community, including stakeholder agencies and organisations that can help build widespread buy-in and community involvement; represent different stages of the life cycle, diverse interests, and cultures; link the Collaboration and its projects to the community.

  • With skills, energy and passion that can do the work to lay the groundwork for the success of the Collaboration and its projects.

  • Who can work positively, collaborate well, enjoy collaboration and contribute to group energy and synergy.


The steering groups’ role is to:

  1. Convene the Avondale face-to-face network meetings and manage associated communications.

  2. Support the groundwork for projects within the Collaboration’s oversight.

  3. Develop and implement methods to bring more people into the network.


Ground Rules

  1. Seek the community’s highest good for present & future.

  2. Be connected - look for ways to build belonging and connection and be compassionate and forgiving.

  3. Assume that together we know more – work to understand the assumptions, opinions and ideas of others.

  4. Fast, fun and productive – stay on task, park issues outside the meeting purpose for later, accept parameters (don’t hijack – ask ‘am I helping or hindering fast, fun & productive?’).

  5. Be accountable for what you think, feel, say and do – reflect, own your “stuff” & your “stuff-ups,” apologise and make amends.

  6. Be respectful.

  7. Open your ears and your mind – listening is not just waiting for your turn to speak.

  8. Be present – turn down your “shark music.’  If you’re worrying about the future or responding to something in the past, you miss what’s happening in the moment and become reactive, not receptive.

  9. Share airtime – everyone participates; no-one should dominate.

  10. Be courageous – dare to stretch your comfort zone.

  11. Be proud and celebrate – acknowledge and celebrate success, courage and effort.

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